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Supporting Business Today for a Better Tomorrow!

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote, protect, enhance, and expand both the economic vitality and the quality of life in our unique community. Sutherlin is both a unique and extremely active business community. Being a part of the Sutherlin Chamber of Commerce is about being connected with local business partners to solve problems and create opportunities.


Chamber of Commerce Membership Benefits

Being a chamber of commerce member comes with many benefits that can boost your business.  Small and large businesses have the opportunity to take advantage of the Sutherlin Chamber’s marketing, advocacy, and networking benefits both locally and regionally.


When you join the Sutherlin Chamber of Commerce, you can network with other member businesses. By networking, you get to know others in your community, develop partnerships, and support other businesses. If your business is ever in need, you’ll have a community of business owners to turn to for help.


Being a chamber of commerce member makes your business more desirable to customers. When a small business is a chamber of commerce member, consumers are 80% more likely to purchase goods or services from the business in the future (The Schapiro Group, 2012).

A chamber membership can increase your profits because customers view your business more favorably.


A chamber of commerce supports member businesses. It acts as a voice for the common interests of members.

You also have the opportunity to get involved in your chamber. You could have the chance to influence your local government on issues that impact small businesses.


The chamber of commerce will promote your business, especially when you first become a member. We are always excited to welcome new businesses with an honorary ribbon cutting. We also have many marketing venues, including their website, social media, community events, and print advertising. We have a large following on Facebook. The exposure the chamber gives to your business can be beneficial.

Professional Development

Our chamber of commerce hosts professional development events. These events might include training or meeting opportunities. These opportunities help you learn or improve upon skills that are essential to running your business.

Chambers provide you with opportunities to get involved in your community and to better your business.

Membership and involvement with the Sutherlin Area Chamber of Commerce also supports community and non-profit projects that keep the local market strong and growing and supports efforts that provide a top-of-the-line workforce.

Joining a chamber of commerce is a smart business decision for you.